This business has afforded me the opportunity to meet many amazing clients over the years.  I am proud to share with you what they had to say about their experience of having me as their agent.

Dealing with Denny Friesen was a very satisfying experience. Having bought & sold many homes over the years, we found him very knowledgeable, ethical & able to answer all our questions. We were never pressured to make any choices & are very satisfied with what he found for us. He stuck to our want list & as a result we are completely satisfied & would recommend him to anyone wishing to buy or sell in this area.

Most sincerely.

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- Paul & Evelyn

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- Kyle

Here is a positive story for you all.  One of my Royal LePage colleagues, Denny Friesen received a floor call a few months ago from an elderly gentleman who wanted to sell his home.  After chatting with him on the phone for some time he drove over to the property to do a CMA.  What he found was a man who was "trapped" in his own home.  Apparently over some time this man's home had been overrun with drug dealers and squatters and because of his age and small stature was unable to fend them off. 

Denny took a look at the home, which had been destroyed, priced it properly, and got it sold within 2 weeks.  So far a typical Realtor transaction, however, Denny didn't stop there.  He helped the gentleman find a proper senior care home and worked with the bank on putting his money in a high interest account.  He paid for 2 giant garbage bins to be delivered to the property and enlisted the services of myself, another Realtor Wayne Temple, and a friend Paul.  The four of us cleaned out the entire house from top to bottom.  Garbage that was piled waste high, food rotting in the kitchen and closets.  Endless amounts of needles.  On a few occasions I had to leave the house to get some fresh air because my lunch almost came up.  Thankfully the people who are buying the house are gutting it. 

Now this elderly gentleman could have paid for this stuff on his own.  He could have afforded to hire people to come and clean out his house.  But Denny saw a man who was confused, scared and didn't know what to do and he took it upon himself to take care of him.  As of 2 days ago he is in his new care facility, and the police have arrested one of the squatters who took over his house. 

I would like to give thanks to Denny for his kindness and for showing compassion to someone that needed help.  For going above his "fiduciary" duty. 

Your Chilliwack Realtor.

We recently purchased a home in Chilliwack. Denny guided us through the process and was extremely professional and helpful with all aspects of the sale. He answered all our questions and concerns and went the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. Thanks so much Denny!

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- Len & Brenda

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- Mr. & Mrs. Swain

So, what is it we really need in a Realtor. I myself have bought and sold two homes with Denton. He sold a place for us when we moved out of town. He took care of all the details so even though we were 22 hours away we didn't have to worry about anything. When we decided to move back to CHILLIWACK he was our guy. He had places lined up for us to see that were right in the range of what we wanted. It only took a day of looking to find the right house for us. It's perfect. You see that's what we wanted from a realtor. A person who listened to what we wanted who was fun to be around but serious about knowing all he could about our perspective home. He made our experience pleasant and fun not stressful. He was very good at knowing if we were interested in a house or not. He didn't try and waste time selling us the most expensive house but the right house. So for us what we wanted in a realtor was someone who was efficient, cared about what we wanted, honest, fun, worked diligently to find the right house for us, didn't waste time on place where we weren't feeling it, and most important for us he took care of all the details and took the stress of selling and then buying a home. Four years later, I called him because I had a bat that flew in my house. He came and got the critter out. Not your usual Realtor thing to do but you know, that's Denny. He genuinely cares about his clients he's honest and friendly he makes you feel comfortable and takes the stress and fear out of buying or selling a home. I wouldn't use any other realtor cause he's better than the best. Thank you Mr Friesen for all your care and service.

Denny is a very low-pressure, (who can work very well under high-pressure!) calm, Realtor that makes you feel very confident in his abilities and awareness of the market.  I've dealt with a lot of realtors over the years and I feel Denny as one who stands out strongly because he's got YOUR best interest at heart.

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- Steve

Tammy and Trevor.JPG

- Trevor & Tami

"My husband, Trevor, and I met Denny at an Open House for the townhouse complex in which we now live. We had a property to sell, and, although we had utilized various Realtors over the years, we signed with Denny without hesitation.

Denny is a calm, organized, funny, professional Realtor who gained our trust immediately. Denny cares about his clients, and treats them as he would a friend. In essence, he does what he says he will do!!

Denny came to our home, took lots of awesome pictures, which showcased our property to its fullest advantage. The listing was up and running in a short time, and the calls started to come in. Our home was sold within about a week. This is not only due to the fact that it was a highly desirable house, but more importantly, it was properly marketed!

Denny then oversaw our purchase of our current home. Even when there were minor hiccups in the process. Denny always helped us stay confident and took great care of us. Now, after time, we still keep in touch with Denny. He is the best Realtor I have ever encountered after selling and buying over 20 different homes over the years. That is saying a lot in my estimation!!

It is with our wholehearted pleasure that we recommend Denny!! He will absolutely not disappoint!!"

Great realtor!!! Very patient and not at all pushy. He really cares and wants to find the right house for you. And if he’s selling your home he’s never too busy to answer your questions. He always tries to get you the best price possible!!

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- Tyler & Page